Chloradsorb ®
(available in 1 oz., which treats 420 gallons, 2 oz., which treats 840 gallons, 1 gallon equivalent, which treats 7,680 gallons, and 5 gallon equivalent, which treats 38,400 gallons)

(Chloradsorb is only available in a dry form. We do not sell it in a wet form. It has a 10 year shelf life in this state when kept tightly closed)

• Improves ability of fish to secrete a protective skin coating.

• Effectively removes chloramines and chlorine in seconds.

• Establishes an environment for all fish and invertebrates.

• Primary ammonia dissipates in minutes.

• Functions in Fresh, Brackish and Salt water.

• Excellent for Ponds.

• Destroys the deadly chloramine bond.

• May be used while fish or invertebrates are present in the aquarium.

• Nullifies highly lethal metals.

• Contains electrolytes.

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