SPARKLING AQUA Saltwater and Freshwater Phosphate, TDS, TSS and Reducer
(8 Ounces)

• Improves water clarity!
• Removes suspended solids (TSS)!
• Removes dissolved Solids (TDS)!
• Removes Deadly Eutrophication!
• Contains no phosphates!
• Contains electrolytes!
• Safe for freshwater, saltwater, ponds, tanks and reef tanks!

AQUARIUM SPARKLING AQUA is a leisurely process, so as not to shock your fish. As a general maintenance you should do water changes every two weeks, even when you are not using AQUARIUM SPARKLING AQUA. Regular water changes (25% or more) are necessary for a healthy tank.

For best results use with Hiatt's
Tri Base Carbon, Chloradsorb, and Right Now! Bacteria.

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