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HDL Receives New Patent -
HDL has been awarded another U.S. patent

HDL Receives Patent for "Right Now!"
HDL has been awarded a U.S. patent - Foreign Patents pending) on its revolutionary product - Right Now! - a 24 hour totally aerobic nitrification cycle that keeps fish alive. Right Now! has been laboratory proven to reduce nitrates aerobically, and is the only product on the market to do so.

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New Product - AQUARIUM SPARKLING AQUA Saltwater and Freshwater Phosphate, TDS, TSS and Eutrophication Reducer. • Safe for freshwater, saltwater, ponds, tanks and reef tanks!
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Our October Article has been posted - AIR, OXYGEN AND CARBON DIOXIDE.

FAQs Updated - December 14, 2002
Our FAQ page has been updated. Read the latest questions from our customers and the answers they received from HDL technical wizards.

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HDL's specialized water purification products have truly transformed how aquatic species are managed. They have been recognized as revolutionary by some of the aquarium industry's leading authorities – and are used by many public aquariums throughout the world.

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A new five part videos on the Hiatt System now available on Youtube, click the links below to see the vidoes
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HDL produces top of the line products. None of HDL’s products contain any VOCs (volatile organic compounds), or cancer-causing ingredients, nor are they derived from cancer-causing compounds. And all our products are 100% biodegradable. For more visit the Products section.

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Also, our Technical page now has instructions on how to
start an entirely aerobic nitrification cycle in only 24 hours. HDL has developed and applied for a world wide patent, and has submitted to Nobel for Science, on a product which has the unprecedented capability to establish a Totally Aerobic Nitrogen Cycle in 24 hours (instead of 28 days) in aquarium aquaculture, as well as treat and remediate serious nitrogen pollution in large aqueous systems, whether natural or manmade. This present invention relates to new denitrifying aerobic bacterial compositions and to aerobic methods for biological treatment of aqueous systems polluted by nitrogen waste products. This paper is intended to supply sufficient information to enable the reader to understand the nature of the problem and to become acquainted with the revolutionary and superior method by which HDL's RIGHT NOW! BACTERIA solves it.

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